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Cloning Has Stopped at 98%, What To Do?

I'm trying to replace the HDD on an older Windows 10 machine with a 2TB SSD. I used Backupper Premium to first clone the tiny SYSTEM partition. The process was fast and without error messages. 

After that I began cloning the major partition. I selected MBR and the recommended option that will improve speed of the SSD.

The process was slow, as expected due to the 1.6TB of data to be copied over. The progress indicator showed 1%, wait awhile, 2%, wait awhile, 3%, etc. After about 9 hours the progress indicator said 54%. About 10 minutes later it had unexpectedly jumped to 98%. I was very happy.

That was 13 hours ago, and it is still showing 98% completed, and "System Updating..." 

The list of tasks shows:
Clone is initializing
Checking volumes
Partition cloning
Coying data
Update system information

The machine doesn't seem to be frozen...I can move the Backupper window around.

Is this thing ever going to finish? 


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