Upon backup completion on DVD's, continues asking for more DVD's

Using full backup on DVD's, when finisched Writing the last DVD, Backupper ask for next DVD, next DVD, etc until I cancelled the backup process. The backup process did send the 'process complete¨message, but continued asking for more DVD's.


  • Because I cancelled the backup, no logfile
  • So what's the size of your backup file?
  • Since the backup was cancelled I can't find the exact figure, but when the complete message came out, it had written just about 11 4.7 GB DVD-RW's. All of them almost brand new.
  • Any progress on this item?
  • How do you confirm it is the last DVD? You don't even know the size of your backup.
  • Yes, I do,  the size of used space on my C-drive is 80,3 GB.
    I am still waiting for some kind of progress on this issue.
    When can a patch be provided that fix the described problem?

  • Please backup to a hard drive to see the real size of your backup image.
  • Instead of fixing a problem that seem to have a very simple solution:

    When the completion message is to be sent out, stop the process that asks for more DVD's!

    Additional questions from your side I get.

    I am now going to uninstall AOMEI Backupper and seek for another backup solution, unless a solution from your side will be available.

    Your actions seem very unprofessional, for me with several years of experience from backup procedures in high volume transaction environments on mainframe.

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