Cannot see Flash Drive in AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition

I have a Samsung USB 3.0 FIT 128GB:

I have plugged it into my computer and it is not showing in Partition Assistant. I have a separate 2TB hard drive which shows up fine when connected.

The flash drive does appear in Disk Management, it does appear in DiskPart when accessed through Command Prompt, I can see it and its partitions in Disk Management and I can also see it in Windows Explorer and access the files.

I want to clear all the data on the drive and re-format it back to factory settings due to me receiving the following error when transferring files: 0x800703EE ERROR
I have tried to delete all existing files manually, which appears to work in the UI, but when I eject then connect, the files are still on the drive.

1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all USB controllers
2. I have tried re-formatting by navigating to Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive, then Format, however this does not do anything, and when I cancel, it crashes (I've waited overnight on it doing something.)
3. I have tried deleting some of the partitions using Disk Management, but this does not do anything: I'm left with 200MB Healthy (EFI System Partition) / 119.18GB Healthy (Primary Partition) / 126MB Unallocated
4. I have tried using DiskPart to: clean (DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.), and create partition (Virtual Disk Service error: The operation timed out. DiskPart has referenced an object which is not up-to-date. Refresh the object by using the RESCAN command. If the problem persists exit DiskPart, then restart DiskPart or restart the computer.)
- I have rescanned, restarted, but same issue persists.

5. I have also tried re-formatting it using Disk Utility on my Mac, but it fails here also.

This then lead me to installing Partition Assistant, but I cannot do anything in here as the drive does not appear.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Is the flash drive in GPT format? AOMEI Partition Assistant doesn't support GPT flash drives.
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    To hijack this thread a little: might this be why PA sees the 64GB internal eMMC drive of my laptop as an empty GPT drive? The drive is recognized as GPT, but without any partitions.
  • @mbovenka Can you upload a screenshot?
  • I'll do that when I get home tonight. The eMMC drive is the boot drive and works just fine. Other partitioning tools (Minitool Partition Wizard or simply Windows Disk Manager) see the partitions, PA shows the drive as an unformatted GPT drive without any partitions.
  • @admin ; Sorry I am a bit late. ' pa.png'  is Partition Assistant, ' pw.png'  is how Minitool Partition Wizard shows it.
    pa.png 176.9K
    pw.png 146.4K
  • @mbovenka ; It's a bug, not because it's a GPT disk.
  • @admin I was afraid of that. Well, hope you guys can fix it.
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