Cannot see Flash Drive in AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition

I have a Samsung USB 3.0 FIT 128GB:

I have plugged it into my computer and it is not showing in Partition Assistant. I have a separate 2TB hard drive which shows up fine when connected.

The flash drive does appear in Disk Management, it does appear in DiskPart when accessed through Command Prompt, I can see it and its partitions in Disk Management and I can also see it in Windows Explorer and access the files.

I want to clear all the data on the drive and re-format it back to factory settings due to me receiving the following error when transferring files: 0x800703EE ERROR
I have tried to delete all existing files manually, which appears to work in the UI, but when I eject then connect, the files are still on the drive.

1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all USB controllers
2. I have tried re-formatting by navigating to Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive, then Format, however this does not do anything, and when I cancel, it crashes (I've waited overnight on it doing something.)
3. I have tried deleting some of the partitions using Disk Management, but this does not do anything: I'm left with 200MB Healthy (EFI System Partition) / 119.18GB Healthy (Primary Partition) / 126MB Unallocated
4. I have tried using DiskPart to: clean (DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.), and create partition (Virtual Disk Service error: The operation timed out. DiskPart has referenced an object which is not up-to-date. Refresh the object by using the RESCAN command. If the problem persists exit DiskPart, then restart DiskPart or restart the computer.)
- I have rescanned, restarted, but same issue persists.

5. I have also tried re-formatting it using Disk Utility on my Mac, but it fails here also.

This then lead me to installing Partition Assistant, but I cannot do anything in here as the drive does not appear.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Is the flash drive in GPT format? AOMEI Partition Assistant doesn't support GPT flash drives.
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    To hijack this thread a little: might this be why PA sees the 64GB internal eMMC drive of my laptop as an empty GPT drive? The drive is recognized as GPT, but without any partitions.
  • @mbovenka Can you upload a screenshot?
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