System Backup Not Booting on new SSD

I created a system backup including the system reserved partition using Backupper Standard.   I restored it to a new SSD that appears to function normally.  The restored image on the SSD will not boot.  The image was made from an old 450GB SATA mechanical drive and restored to a 500GB SanDisk SSD. 
Any suggestions as to why this is not working, please advise.


  • We're both drives formatted the same... MBR or GPT?
  • Both are MBR
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    Trying to work this through. When you booted to new drive was it the only drive connected? That helps system eliminate some conflicts. If this wasn't the problem, you could DOWNLOAD and try Aomei's boot fix tool:  I've never used it but I've noted that they sometimes recommend using it. I'm not really sure how to use it either. You could download it and play around with it.
  • I did remove the cables from the other drives.  I will try your suggestion, thank you
  • Oh, besides both being MBR, was the target SSD blank? Did you clean it in diskpart? I've done many installs from a disk image with no problems if the target was clean and formatted the same as the source.
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