How to I fully uninstall Backupper?


I downloaded the free Backupper and installed it after reading the instructions and went to clone my OS and programs from HDD to SSD. The instructions said it could be done with a smaller destination drive and it would prompt how to deal with it. The SSD is big enough for the OS and programs but just not some of the files I have on the HDD.
I tried it and it just kept saying no matter what I tried that there wasn't enough space even though I've cloned that way with the same OS, same size programs and same size SSD in the past, so I uninstalled.
It then said not all files could be uninstalled, I could do it manually, but I have no idea how, where or how many have been left on my computer so I need to know how to get 100% of the Backupper and anything else from Aomei off my computer.

Also, I tried using the free trial Pro version so reinstalled clicking to try the Pro and... same thing, SSD supposedly not big enough. I'll just use a different program to do the clone since I know it can be done, but when uninstalling the Pro it was the same thing, stuff left on my computer even though I clicked uninstall all.

Please let me know everything left on my computer so I can take it off.



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