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". Backupper doesn’t support drives with 4096 bytes per sector."?!

Uh, it's 2019 and you don't support 4K sectors?  Who cares about MBR?  But 4K sectors are not supported?  Seriously?  You know EVERY SSD EVER MADE is a 4K sector drive? ALL of the big spinning rust drives are 4K sector drives?  Rely on the crutch that the drive will fake it  for you is....sad.

Your not alone, seems an entire decade has passed since 4K sectors started showing up and an alarming number of software developers have buried their heads and sang la la la for a decade.  Clonezilla is no better.

Thank you for letting me try you obsolete software without flushing my money, but you know you are like a gas station that only sells leaded gasoline, right?  GPT has replaced MRB, 4K has replaced 512.  That happened a decade ago, just saying.

I have largely used Mac, and I can do a drive clone with Carbon Copy Cloner in minutes from any drive to any drive.  So I guess Apple is superior after all?  Even the 'bootable PE environment' fails where I try a DVD or USB.

How many people are making backups and don't know they can't do a restore?  

But hey, Windows backup in Windows 10 won't do a system restore either!  

If you think I'm being a jerk?  Just think of all those people who will only find out their backup won't restore until they need it.


  • If you've followed many threads on this forum it has been repeated many times that the only way you know if a backup you made will work is to do a test restore. This applies to ANY back up software. FYI, I've done test restores with Aomei using MBR, GPT, SSD's, HDD's using both Disk and System backups. All restored perfectly. If it will make you feel better read this: https://www.backup-utility.com/help/get-started.html
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    "4K alignment" is different from "4096 bytes per sector", they are not the same thing.
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