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I used the trial version and saved a clone to an external hard drive. I may want to restore it to a different computer. That feature is not available on the trial version.  I have just purchased the Pro version. Do I have to run another back up using the Pro version to restore it to another computer>


  • No. But the backup media that you boot with should be made using the Pro version for that function to be available.
  • Thanks.
     I have not yet created the bootable media so will wait until the Pro version shows up Friday  (according to Amazon). 
     I am replacing the keyboard in my wife's laptop and if I fubar it, I will get her another laptop and restore her stuff to it. Hopefully that won't be necessary.
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    I just noticed in your first post, you said you saved a "clone"??? A clone is a direct replacement for your current drive.  In the last sentence you refer about running another "back up". I'm assuming you meant to say "back up" in the first sentence??? That's really what you need to run a restore.
  •  I cloned the drive and may want to restore/transfer it to another computer. I have made a bootable CD and will use it  if needed. 
  • I'm not sure if you are missing the point here or if I am misunderstanding what you're doing.
    You don't need a bootable CD to use a clone. You just remove the old drive and replace with the clone. What you will have is a system running and looking like the original drive AT THE TIME YOU DID THE CLONE. The PRO version of restoring to a different PC will have no effect on this operation as you are just replacing one drive with another. Putting the clone in another PC may or may not work. Windows 10 is a very hardy program and most likely when you first boot the clone in a new PC, it will look for drivers needed and install them itself. BUT, this does not always work.
    A saved backup IMAGE can be RESTORED to another PC by using the bootable CD made with the PRO version and you'll have a PC running and looking like the PC you had when you made the image. 

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    I may have to transfer the system files,data settings etc.   of my wife's laptop to another computer. Is a clone of her hard drive the way to do that or should I make an image?

     A system image made with The Windows  "Create System Image function" is what I have used in the past when restoring everything on the same computer, but it can't be used to install an image on another computer.
    When I read the AOMEI manual the clone function seemed like the right one to use,  but if not I will  use another function. Many thanks for your guidance.
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    Make a system image with Aomei to an external USB drive. On the new PC, plug in that USB drive, start from the bootable media you created, check the universal restore option and restore to the drive you want the system on.
  • Got it.
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