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Standard 4.6.3 can no longer 'mount' image. Preserving folder dates

I used to be able to 'mount' a backup image and browse it as a drive. Now however I can only look through the files in the AB UI and select files I want to save. Was this functionality taken away or am I doing something wrong?

Second, a request:

when restoring folders, it'd be nice if AB can set the folder modified dates back to what they were originally. I restored "my documents" on a new drive, and while the files retained their mod dates, all the folders now have today's date. So now if I sort by last modified I see folder names Z-A, which is not helpful. I realize this is strictly speaking correct, but I want the dates to be what they were originally.



  • That function still works, can you provide a detailed description of the problem?
  • I see where my confusion was. If it's a partition or drive backup, mount image works. If it's a file/folder backup, then I can only browse inside AB. It's probably been this way all along, I've just only noticed it now.
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