Backupper Technician Plus - Ext4 Partition not enough free space at restore on the same harddisk

Hi Admin.

I backed up a harddisk with Linux Mint (just a single ext4 partition) in an image. (Disk Backup)

Then I deleted the harddisk, installed Windows 10 on the computer, successfully performed a backup of the disk  and finally deleted the harddisk.

Later, I wanted to restore the Linux Mint image to the computer.

However, the restore could not be started because there was not enough free space on the target disk.

It is exactly the same harddisk!?!
No hardware changes have been made, only Windows 10 has been temporarily installed, backed up, and then deleted!

And now the target harddisk have not enough disk space?

The Backupper shows a required disk space of 55.47 GB and a free disk space (unallocated) of 55.47 GB.
However, the error message that there is not enough space on the target volume is displayed.

Is there a bug at working with ext4 partitions?


  • Is it a Linux system image?
  • As I wrote, this is a Linux mint system installed on a single Ext4 partition. This Ext4 partition is the exactly same size as the hard disk.

    I made a complete disk backup to an image.
  • It is not recommended to restore the backup because your Linux system will not be bootable.
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