AOEMI Backupper - Error 4160(failed to open file) on Files Backup

I've just started having this error occur when running a File Backup task. It has been working fine for over 6 months. The only significant change has been I've just upgraded from Windows 10 1803 to 1809.

The task runs successfully, backing up all files and creating the output file on my NAS until right at the end when this error occurs and the NAS file is deleted. It's not a source file issue as I temp removed the last few files from the source directory and the job still failed with the same issue. I've also completely recreated the backup task but it makes no difference.

FYI, I have a System backup task as well that runs successfully on the same PC to the same NAS so don't believe this is a PC or NAS issue per se. I've also tried the same backup with a local HDD as the target and it also fails. I'm running v4.6.1.

I see a number of earlier issues in the forum with the same error but different specific's to my problem. Anyone have any thoughts on how I can resolve this?



  • Could you send your log files to support via email so that they can help you further? Please find log files under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper.
  • I seem to have solved the problem. I'll explain it here in case others have a future problem.
    I didn't realise the logs you referred to were there so when I looked at one of them (ABCoreX.txt) I noticed it referred to a single PDF file located in my c:\users\<user_name>\onedrive folder. I went to that file (Getting started with OneDrive.pdf) to open it and a message popped up saying that as Onedrive wasn't running the file wasn't available.

    So I started/logged into Onedrive, opened the file successfully and then ran the backup again and this time it completed successfully.

    What's strange about this is that I never use Onedrive and so previously it's never been running yet the backup has always worked. The PDF is just a default file that's provided by Windows. Maybe the problem was an anomaly stemming from the 1803 to 1809 Windows upgrade. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    In any case it's working so thanks for pointing me to the log files which ultimately lead me to the the solution.

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