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PE Builder ISO Download always deleting the FileList.txt, URL generates HTTP 404 error

Hi Admin,

I found that the PE Builder always deleting the FileList.txt while trying to download the PE ISO files, and I found the following line while checking the log file:

When I entered this URL into a browser it gives HTTP 404 error!  I even found that the domain update.aomeisoftware.com is showing the MultiCloud's website!  Of course their server will not have the required files!

update.aomeisoftware.com is pointing to

When I manulally donwloaded the ISO folder and FileList.txt to the target folder it still ignores them and keep trying to download files, thus deleting the FileList.txt during the progress and eventually failed.

Please fix this problem ASAP.  Thank you!


P.S. Now there is a workaround: Set the FileList.txt to read only so that the file would not being deleted by the program!  Also please fix the program so that it will pop up an error instead of deleting things while errors occured, especially when downloading things from the internet since internet connections and servers should be considered unreliable!


  • We have fixed the problem. Please try again.
  • Hi Admin,

    The HTTP error is gone and the PE Builder no longer deletes the text file, but it keeps ignoring the downloaded files and download all the files again every time I start the building progress if I select the download option, with folder name "IsoTempxxxxxxxxx" (where x are numbers) and with identical files as what I put in the "ISO" folder.

    But at least it is now usable.


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