How do I get back on my way

I can't make a systembackups anymore. Pro version Windows 10 latest version. 
Disks and everything is fixed at 26% of the system backup, also with the free version. Even if I do the backup to other drive there is no improvement.
The question is, for this bug a solution is sought with an update for example, or can I immediately throw the program in the dustbin, because now I have nothing more to it.
Excuse my English, this is a translation by Windows.


  • Please try to backup in AOMEI WinPE to see if it works.
  • Do you mean another version of Aomei, or is this a setting in my Pro version?
  • I have a backup, but I can't make a new one anymore. Pc hangs on always the same place. When it comes to 28 Gb the PC crashes. 
    Drives are big enough so that's not the cause, I think it's about open files there it seems to be somewhere. I never had any problems with backup.
    All the discs have been looked at errors.
  •   Uitvoertijd: 6/03/2019 11:17:51
           Plannaam: Systeem Back-up(30)
           Bewerking: Partitie Volledige Back-up
    Resultaat bewerking: Afgebroken
          Foutcode: 23
         Omschrijving: De bewerking is afgebroken.
  • Hangs at 99%. But what does making a Bootabel disc do with not working a backup?
    I have a Bootabel disk from earlier, but I can't make backups.
  • Boot disk created now for USB, no problem to make a stick with WinPE.
    Backup does not work, however, as was previously stated.
  • I have found on my c: drive (SSD) a bad sector, and I suspect that this is the culprit.
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