Is This Possible -> PC1 always on -> identical PC2 scheulder on, and copy PC1


that's my first post and sorry for my english, so that is the problem:

PC1 is the same hardware machine as PC2.

PC1 aomei backupper one hard drive, ip:
PC2 one or two hard drive, ip:   // PC2 is the the same as PC1(hardware) second backup recovery machine if the PC1 fails.
PC1 and PC2 are in the same network.

PC1 - always ON,
PC2 - by  BIOS ON, and scheulder Windows take its OFF, for example ON from 7PM to 11PM.

To the concret:

PC1: run by windows 10 scheulder command line Aomei and copy/ backup/clone hard drive to PC2:

1. PC2: have one hard drive and its running by Windows 10.
2. PC2 have two hard drive, and one is running Windows 10.

When PC1 fails (disk, motherboard, power supply...), I can work on PC2, because I have a fresh copy of system.

Please tell me how can I start configure my WIndows 10 scheulder  and Aomei on PC1 to have fresh copy of disk on PC2? When PC1 fails.

I want to copy PC1 to PC2 everyday.

Thaks for reading and sugestions.



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    Are the PC's connected together on a network? If so, you can have a backup of PC1 saved on the #2 drive in PC2 during a period when it is on line.
    If they are not networked, you would have to save a backup of PC1 to a portable external drive and then connect it to PC2 if you want to do a restore to it.
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    Thanks for answer,

    PC1 and PC2 are in the same network.

    So  PC1 using Windows scheulder to start:

    1. DISK CLONE ? or
    2. DISK BACKUP ?

    at. 7PM.

    PC2 run UP at. 6.50PM and wait for date from PC1.

    Can PC2 start from USB and:

    1. PC2 have one hard drive and all data is transfered from PC1 to PC 2 by the DISK CLONE. If PC1 fail next day, we just run PC2 and continue work.


    2. PC2 have two hard drive's, first is with Windows, second is empty. We use Aomei to transfer data from PC1 to second disk on PC2 with DISK BACKUP. If PC1 fail next day we start PC2 with USB memory with AOMEI and recover data from DISK BACKUP ( is in the second drive in PC2 ), to first drive in PC2 and start work after that.

    The option #2 is easier to do.

    Can some one tell me how can I do option #1.

    PC1 is always on. using Windows 10 scheulder and we use command line Aomei. 

    PC2 start at 6.50 PM using BIOS configuration.

    PC1 - dell T3500, PC2 - dell T3500 in the same network with Linksys router.

    Or something else, with will be automatic, and 
    will allow to continue work on PC2 if PC1 fails (hardware, software).



  • I don't know if your #1 drive on PC2 is a SSD but if it is, cloning to it everyday will use up its useful life quickly. You'd be better off making a backup image to #2 drive on PC2 and keeping that for the small chance you'll ever need it.
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