Hi everyone, I need some important help.
I had 2 partitions:
Partition 1: Windows 8.1 64 Bit (Main)
Partition 2: Windows 7 64 Bit

And I used AOMEI Partition Assistant and changed gpt to mbr and Partition 1 disappeared and in disk management it shows as "System Partition" and "100% Free" 232/232GB Free

All my data lost !!!?!?!#!%!!^
I changed to GPT back but still same

But I think that its not lost cause the convert was too fast for deleting 130gb that I have there, any help please how can I restore my data please, by the way, another parition that was hidden before is appeared now, it called "Восстановить", In translate: "Restore".

Help please I dont know what to do, And if its unrestoreable tell me please for not trying to restore.

Thanks ahead.


  • Please try Partition Recovery Wizard in AOMEI Partition Assistant.
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