Inaccessible Boot Device after USB drive clone

  I have an ASUS TS10 Stick PC with 32GB onboard storage.
  Microsoft, with its latest Windows 10 feature update has made 32GB devices problematic -
   they do not have enough storage to complete the update.
   I've used AOEMI Backupper Standard (version unknown, installed 3/1/2018) to clone
  the TS10's internal storage to a USB external hard disk drive of larger capacity.
  The clone was successful and the GPT partitions on the new drive appear to be exact copies
  except the Windows partition was assigned to be drive F: .
   (I examined the partitions with another product). In the UEFI BIOS the new drive shows up as:
          Windows Boot Manager (my WD drive)

  If I change the boot priority to the new drive and attempt to boot I receive the
  Inaccessible Boot Device blue screen.

  My first question regards some online comments that claim you can't boot the new, cloned USB drive
  until you physically remove the original drive! Is that true? Obviously I can't do that on a "Stick" PC.
  If the USB drive should boot what might be the problem? I've seen quite a few posts about that error
  but few mention cloning from a device with a storage card to an USB external hard disk. Could I need
  to update or change my UEFI BIOS? I have a list of other things to try, but you might be able to save me some time.



  • Well, it is not possible to boot from an external hard drive.
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