Deleting old Backups

I am using the standard version of AOMEI. I am looking for a way to delete old backups. There are two ways I've found yet. 1) Buy the pro Version and custimize your backup setting. 2) navigate with WINDOWS EXPLORER to the hard drive where all the backups are stored and delete them manually like you would delete any Excel file. Is the last one a proper way to do so?

I am asking this because when deleting any software, I would UNINSTALL the software and not delete all the corresponding files manually.


  • 2 would be fine. Just use file explorer and click on delete as you would do to remove any file.
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    I have Backupper Standard and just want to delete some File Backups. 
    I'm not talking about deleting some File Backups by going to the external drive in File Explorer and deleting them off the external drive 

    (1.) If File Explorer is one of the ways to manually delete old backups in AOMEI, where are these files in File Explorer ?

    (2) Are the backup files in File Explorer under some folder in C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR ?   

    (3)  Can you choose which files from certain backups you want to delete or do you have to delete every File Backup?

    (4) What does selecting "delete' do under the three horizontal lines on the Home tab (Backup Management) under File Backup in the Aomei application?  Does it delete ALL backups in File Backup ?
  • @Ariel ; It will delete all backups in Backup Management, if you want to delete one backup, you'll need to delete it in Windows Explorer.
  • It would be easier to receive straight answers from space aliens. 
    Can't deal with this s**t anymore 

    Nuked Backupper with Revo  
    Installed Macrium Reflect

    Problem SOLVED

  • No program does what you want. I understand that you want to uninstall Aomei Backupper and delete backups.
    Now to delete a backup with the standard and Pro version only manually.
    PS. Pro version has backup schemes which allows you to delete it automatically.
  • @vagn_32
    That was information (an answer) I was looking for.  Thinking that Aomei left something out of their User manual, Knowledge base, or FAQ's, etc, my questions were asked to find out if there were files that could be manually deleted.
    The thing is, (usually) 'Admin' many times deflects questions or else responds with an effortless answer.

  • @Ariel I think I have explained it clearly.
    It is not possible to delete one backup version in Backupper interface manually. The "Delete" button in Backup Management will delete all backups.
    If you want to delete only one backup version, you can delete it in Windows Explorer. You will see where these files are stored when you click Advanced-->Locate Image.
    Is this hard to understand?

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    The questions were essentially about how to manage backup files manually. Exactly what the procedure is to do it was the basis since Backupper Standard doesn't have an integrated feature to select single backups for deletion. 

    The answer from Admin on March 9 read :
    ...."if you want to delete one backup, you'll need to delete it in Windows Explorer". 
    FWIW to users of the Standard version, a reply was found recently under the same exact title as this thread called "Deleting Old Backups". A step by step procedure is provided in that thread. It's dated August 2014. I found the search feature within this forum to do a pretty poor job and found that 2014 thread through a browser search. This post can be used to point those users to that thread if their search happens to land them here.  The location of that forum thread can be found here        

    Not to belabor the point, but most anyone would agree with me that Admin's claim on March 10th where he/she referenced back to his/her March 9th post being a clear explanation, was in actuality as clear as mud.
    There was every reason to refer to the March 9th reply as an effortless answer.

    If Admin wants to believe his/her reply on this thread is the same as the procedure on the August 2014 thread, then I'm a Leprechaun hiding a pot of gold.  Believe whatever you want . :p 


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