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limitations of the Standard Edition

I see two main circumstances when restoring is salvational for normal computer users:

#1 To undo our (or some devil's) mess ups to the system
#2 To get quickly back to work when our computer or drive is replaced

Aomei Backupper Standard Edition works beautifully in case #1.  It's saved my bacon more than once.  Case #1 is much more common than case #2, but case #2 does occur.  My question is whether a system backup made with the Standard Edition works in case #2.  For me case #2 divides into three scenarios:

A. a new SSD replaces my old SSD in my computer
B. a new computer (with a new SSD) replaces the old, the new hardware being like the old
C. a new computer (with a new SSD) replaces the old, the new hardware being unlike the old

Will the Standard Edition work in scenarios A, B, C?  Or will it refuse to restore?  Or will it restore but the restore refuse to boot?

Aomei Backupper Professional Edition says it can:

Migrate OS from HDD to SDD, SDD to SDD, HDD to HDD,
or SDD to HDD without reinstalling Windows and 
applications while ensuring system will be bootable after

So the Professional Edition is sure to work for scenario A, and maybe for B and maybe for C.  Since the Professional Edition is advertised with this migration ability, and the Standard Edition isn't, should we assume that the Standard Edition can't ever save us when our computer or drive is replaced?

Final, practical question.  If the Professional Edition is necessary to save us when our computer or drive is replaced, can we plan to buy it if and when those cases arise?  That is, if we make system backups now, using the Standard Edition, can the Professional Edition be used later restore those backups to the new computer or drive?  

Awaiting authoritative answers,


  • I've upgraded complete systems multiple times by just using my old HDs or SSD's in the new system. Windows is robust in detecting new devices and installing the correct drivers for them. I've also used Aomei Universal restore and also Aomei backups without universal restore in a different system. It may take a little longer without Universal restore but the restores into a new system worked fine. It is best to only have your OS drive and keyboard and mouse connected at first until you can install the chipset drives and then all other device drivers you may need from the new motherboards website or supplied disk. This is of course not guaranteed but in most cases, should work.
    As far as installing the Pro version afterwards to restore a backup, I would see no problem in that as the backups made by the free version and the pro version should be the same. The difference is in what each program can do, not in how the backup is made. 
    This is a short answer so if you need or want more details please ask whatever you need.

  • Terminology is a frequent problem in discussions of backup and restore.  The term "universal restore" is unknown to users of the Aomei Backupper Standard Edition.  It is Aomei's own technical term for describing a some abilities of its Professional Edition.  You write as if you have experience of both the Standard Edition and the Professional Edition.  Did you start with the Standard Edition and move on to the Professional Edition?  Why?

    Most important is the question whether System Backups -- a term used by the Standard Edition -- are exactly the same as System Backups -- if are they called that -- made by the Professional Edition.  You write: "the backups made by the free version and the pro version should be the same."  Maybe they "should be", but where Aomei describes "How to Operate Universal Restore in AOMEI Backupper" (https://www.backup-utility.com/help/how-to-operate-universal-restore.html) it specifies: "... you need to install AOMEI Backupper Professional, Server or Technician on the first computer and create a system image based on this PC."  

    We can't trust a software maker to conform to our expectations.  Even a popular online reviewer of Aomei Backupper revealed to me that he's not sure of the Standard Edition's pertinent capabilities.  We need either clear answers from Aomei or reports from someone who has determined empirically what the Standard Edition can and can't do.

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    My suggestion to you is to email support with those technical questions. If an admin ever monitors this forum you will get a VERY short and abbreviated answer. I've used both versions and I see no reason the backup made with either will be different. That is my best answer with my knowledge of how this product works. I've been using Aomei for 2 years and while I can say their help section has improved greatly, it still lacks when it comes to translation, accuracy and completeness. I moved to the Pro version as I thought $49 for 2 PC's for a lifetime subscription was a good deal. You can get it for less with a little web searching checking for specials. They usually have something discounted. The additional features you get with the Pro version on scheduling and backup retention made it more desirable for me. Again, support will be able to supply you with technical answers about their product's functioning.
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