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Need a pop-up message

I am trialing AOEMI backupper. I have scheduled an incremental backup but my USB backup drive was not connected at the scheduled time. The backup simply failed instead of warning me that a backup is due.

Your product should keep popping-up warning messages saying "Backup due. Attach the backup drive!" until the backup can be completed successfully.


  • Until that option is created, assuming it could or would be created, you can set up it to email you notification of failure.
    An error code that the backup destination is not available should be generated. For Aomei to know whether the drive failed, is corrupted or not plugged in, etc is asking a lot but who knows what they can do. 
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    It's not difficult for a competent programmer to first check if the destination device is available and suspend the task until it is, whilst issuing a pop-up alert message.

    Email is after the event and requires the PC to be connected to the Internet. My need is to be alerted at the time, hence the request.
  • I was not disagreeing with you, I was just offering a work around until your idea is implemented. I suggest you email tech support with your idea. It might get a quicker response than a posting here if they find merit in it.
  • email tech support

    OK I will do that. I was going to ask whether or not they read these pages.
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    OK I emailed Support and they replied: "Thank you so much for contacting us. We will consider your suggestion, many thanks for your feedback. If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us back."

    Meantime, using AOEMI's command line feature, I have created my own incremental backup task in a BAT file running under the Windows Task Scheduler that first checks if the backup destination is connected and if not pops up a message and plays a WAV file loudly in a loop to get my attention. This keeps happening until the required destination drive is found, whereupon the backup task commences.

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