Can't start machine after moving unallocated space on disk.

Hi All

I have a serious issue with my machine after trying to move the unallocated space on my primary disk to the right hand side of the C: drive.

Basically it will not start at all. Not in safe mode or from the repair disk I made.

I have  BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO displayed and technical information says   STOP:0x00000074.

There are some other numbers listed after that but not sure they'd be useful.

There is also a crash dump generated but I don't know how I would get to that since the machine won't boot.

Any help greatly appreciated as I really need to get the thing back if possible.

Thanks for looking.


  • Sorry for the delay. Is your computer bootable now?
  • Yes the machine bootable now after I did extensive research on the Internet and spent two days sorting everything out. Luckily I have another machine I could use for this purpose. A lot of files were corrupted though and parts of windows will not even work now.
    You should look into this really. A lot of people would have lost everything it was only because I have a lot of PC experience that I got it working again.
  • We will improve our product, sorry for the inconvenience caused.
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