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AOMEI for Mobile Phone SD upgrade

For most non IT people it is a hassle to upgrade the SD in their phone to a bigger one. This is because the phone expects the SD to have a certain format. usually people format the SD and then copy data on it. This many times does not work.
The trick I used is: First clone the old SD with AOMEI to the new (bigger) SD card. Now it does work in the phone because the format is exactly the same as the old SD card but you can only see the size of the partition created by AOMEI which is exactly the same as the old SD card. Next step is to enlarge that partition on your PC to the max of the new SD card (which I did with partition wizard.  After this the phone accepts the card with the new size.
THE IDEA: Make an option 'Upgrade to larger Mobile Phone SD'  that does those steps automatically. This should appeal to a lot of novice users.


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