Backupper Pro 4.6.2 Bugs

Trying to create a bootable media. But it hangs at initializing (waited several times more than a halve an hour.
Then tried to uncheck  Download WinPE creating environment from Internet, but no reaction it stays checked. Downloading from is useless, because unchecking download from internet is not possible, so it will not create it from local drive.

Send SMS to +41 ............... does not work at all. tried a coupple of time but did not yet get an SMS.

If you have a dual monitor system and move the user interface to the second monitor, then it is not possible to move vertically, only horizontally.

I have reported the last two errors to support. abut it was not fixed in 4.6.2


  • Did you unzip the downloaded file to the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper?
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