Cloned drive not detected

I just used Aomei Partition Assistant (Free) and Disk Copy Wizard to clone my boot drive to a new hard drive(installed as the 2nd drive on this WinXP computer.
I turned off the computer and removed the first drive and put the 2nd drive in it's place.  When I booted up the computer I saw this quick message (Alert: failed to detect one or more drives during POST) and then a black screen.  Nothing more happened.  I tried booting a number of time but the result was the same.  I also tried placing the original first drive in the 2nd drive position.  Same problem.  When I go back to using the original first drive in it's normal first position, everything works and it boot up normally.

There must be a step that I haven't done to get the 2nd drive detected.  Could someone guide me in this first time cloning effort.



  • I should mention that the cloned destination drive can be seen when I boot up properly from the original source drive and I can run programs that are on it.
  • With the cloned drive in only, enter the BIOS and check the boot order and see if it's set to boot from that drive first.
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