How should I use the AOMEI to get rid of an EFI system partition?


I added my old HDD to my new computer. It is one physical drive divided into 2 partitions,
but in the Disk Management I see "EFI system partition" on one partition that have all my music and family pictures, and the other partition is OK (in the picture I'm posting it's Disk 2 with the drive I and the EFI partition).
How do I make it a regular partition again- what course of action should I use? I asked Microsoft but the only suggested to format the drive or use a 3rd party software like AOMEI. In the picture it's disk 3.



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    The disk is larger than 2GB so it was probably originally formatted GPT then divided into 2 partitions. Right click on the drive and check properties and see if it's GPT. Then check the properties of each partition. See what it says. Not sure why it says EFI as that's usually the boot sector of a GPT disk and usually formatted FAT32. You can do a lot of things with disk properties with Partition Assistant Pro. Make sure you backup your data before you apply any changes to the partition. If it not formatted NTFS you can do that in PA. I think you can do this with the free version. If it's working and not formatted FAT32, I'd leave it alone or again, back up your data and try to convert to NTFS.
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