Can't merge unallocated space with C

I have 3.46 tb of unallocated space that I can't use, I have the pro edition but can't seem to find any way to merge that unallocated space with c.


  • A screenshot from Disk Management of what the drive layout looks like might help in finding a solution.
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    Here's a screenshot
  • Also here are my available options when right clicking on it 
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    Your problem is your drive is formatted MBR which has a 2TB limitation. See this article:  If you have PA Pro you can do the conversion easily. Possibly it can be done with internal Windows MBR2GPT program but having 4 partitions already may not let that way work. Google it for instructions.
    If you have PA Pro, start the conversion in windows, it will reboot to a pre windows environment after you hit Apply to finish the process. After the conversion you'll have to move partitions until the unallocated space is adjacent to your C partition if you want to merge them or you can just give it a drive letter and use it as a separate partition. That would be the best way to do it. Make sure your BIOS is set for UEFI or Legacy/UEFI and set the boot order to point to the "boot manager" partition as the first to boot after the conversion. The conversion is a quick process with PA Pro.
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