Testing "Centralized Backupper" - but cannot backup to network share

I add a PC as controlled
Then create a task for System backup
Add a network share say: \\\share
Add a user credentials - user which has full rights
The share has enough space
On the station I always get
 Informations error:312
On Centralized Backupper station I get this mesg in the log:
A specified logon session does not exist. Please detect if there is a directory name behind the network path, such as "\\\directory_name\", not "\\". If the error still exists, you can reboot and try again.
How can I fix this? Bar this problem everything else looks like this is the right product for our needs.
Is  "Centralized Backupper" able to store backups on local disks?

If we buy the solution, we'll install the server on VM, which will use local dedicated disks


  • I was able to backup on shared folder which was shared from PC where the Centralized backupper was installed.
    So I guess its good enough
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