AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro V7.5.1

It still doesn't work!
Cannot find 2GPT_BCD or 2MBR_BCD so everything stops. The files are present in the program folder.
I see this has been a problem for years.
This program is completely useless for my purposes. Either cure it or issue a full refund.


  • 2gpt_bcd is a DLL

    It does not appear in my registry.

    It would seem that the installer was unable to register it which is why the program cannot find it.

    Attempts to register the dll with Regsvr32 fail even after moving a copy to Syswow64 and system32.

    All of which suggest that the file is corrupt and, judging by other peoples experience, Has been from at least version 5.

    Full refund please.

  • Please respond to the corresponding ticket.
  • edited January 9
    What ticket? Please direct me. This is AOMEI Products support is it not? Where is my refund?
  • You have sent an email to [email protected], right? Please respond to that email directly.
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