System Backup location?

I have a full system backup (Win10 OS on a SSD) scheduled task that runs every day at startup. Although I choose the destination path for backup to another HDD drive, I notice that my SSD's TBW (Total Bytes Written) keeps increasing every day with a similar amount as the system backup size. Does AOMEI system backup write its backup file first on my SSD before copying it to the destination path? How can I force it to not write onto my SSD when doing backup? Thanks.


  • You mean there are backup images on SSD?
  • I don't see any backup images on the SSD, but after every 'system backup' task finished, I noticed a big increase in my SSD's TBW. Is it related to AOMEI?
  • Backupper will read from the source (SSD) and write to the target (HDD).
  • So there is no WRITE to SSD (source disk) by Backupper during 'system backup'?
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