Bug-Ticket not accessible

In response to a technical problem your support team sends back an email with a link to a ticket, e. g. https://aomeitech.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/tickets/12345

The link redirects to https://aomeitech.freshdesk.com/support/login saying "You must be logged in to access this page".

To be able to login, an account is required. But after filling out the form https://aomeitech.freshdesk.com/support/signup the page just says "Successfully registered", but neither a password can be set by the user nor an email is sent to the user.


  • You could respond to the ticket directly, no need to register an account.
  • You mean respond via email? So, your link to the ticket is only for Aomei-internal use?
  • You can view your ticket status if you register an account, nothing else.
  • That is right and that is the problem. Neither I can login nor I can register a new account.

    If I try to register a new account with a new email address no password exists, see my description above.

    If I try to register with my email address, to which Aomei had sent the ticket link, I get stuck also: the page says "You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator". Please see my sceenshots enclosed.

    BTW: I am still waiting for your answer to my email request (subject "Bug: User Interface"). You have closed the ticket, but the problem was not processed. I am a user with multiple professional licenses.

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  • If you feel that the ticket should not be closed or if the ticket has not been resolved, please reply to that email directly.
  • Ok, we did already. Thank you very much for your quick replies in this forum! :)
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