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AOMEI cloned drive failed to boot but fixed by running "AOMEI boot repair"

I cloned a Windows 8.1 system using AOMEI Partition Assistant v6.6. It said it was successful but the cloned drive would not boot - "Your PC needs to be repaired - a required device is not connected or can't be accessed - error code: 0xc0000225"

My source disk is GPT formatted and is a Win 8.1 environment with 5 partitions. Partition assistant shows the target disk after cloning with all 5 partitions looking normal however the disk fails to boot with the above error message.

I ran the "AOMEI boot repair" which is included in the WinPE environment and that fixed the problem.... Target disk now boots.

My questions now are...

1. What is the boot repair tool doing?, and
2. Why can't the cloning function perform the equivalent repair as part of its cloning process?



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