Partition assistant problem

Trying to open a partition.. it keep say loading G: disk 2 for days and help


  • Is G an external hard drive?
  • the data is still there it wont load the partition when I have the external harddrive  plugged in. it says loading (G) partition 2 disk 7.. I tried disabling the onboard card readers but still is looking for the letter G drive and disk 7.. also in disk manager it wont load virtual disk when the external drive is plugged in.. I can scan with other free software tho..
  • So it is a SD card or a hard drive?
  • Sorry for the confusion exteneral sata harddrive using G:. I have a internal card reader that i disabled because it was using drive letters...
  • What if you remove the external hard drive and launch Partition Assistant again?
  • I tired nothing happens not sure how long it would take I have not let it sit for days.. have you seen this before?
  • Can you upload a screenshot of Disk Management?
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