Information Code:4160

I get an error code 4160 and a message "Failed to read D:\Games\X-Plane 10\Extra Aircraft\Airbus A380-800 2.0\objects\cabine.png

Syncing files is done.

Information Code:4160

Failed to open file

Anyone have suggestions?



  • Please check whether you can access this file in Windows.
  • Yes I can open the file "cabine.png" in Windows.  I perform this exact same folder backup to another external drive and it executes without any error.  That drive is a Seagate USB portable external drive.  The drive where it fails is a Western Digital My Cloud NAS drive.  I am also backing up another (smaller) folder to the Western Digital drive and it executes without any errors.
  • Please try to map the NAS drive to see if it works.
  • Thanks for  your reply
    I do have the NAS drive mapped.
    I've resolved the problem by performing three distinct backups for the folders on the D drive (Documents, Pictures, Videos) rather than trying to perform one backup of the entire drive.  Not elegant, but it works.
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