Partition 'Capacity' not same on Partition Assistant main columnar display and properties button

I was shrinking the Windows partition to fit a smaller SSD drive. I entered values in the Assistant tool but think that I 'Discarded' them intending to first clone that drive before changing it. Now, the main Assistant drive/partition columnar display shows the partition 'capacity' as the original 450GB. BUT pressing the 'properties' button gives a 'capacity' of 211GB! Windows Disk Management tool gives a capacity of 211GB in the top columnar display, but shows 450GB in the bottom graphical display. The Assistant Partition Resize tool shows only the 450GB value with no indication of any 211 size.
Recovery tools now do not find a Windows installation on that drive.
How do I safely reset the actual capacity back to the full partition size, the 450GB?
Is there another partition size specifier that users can't normally see or control?


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