Merged file

I have the AOMEI PRO.  I need help.
The main reason I purchased the PRO addition was so I could collapse the incrementals and start again with incrementals from the merged file.  I assumed the incrementals will start again from the merged file.
This is not happening.  I have searched in the AOMEI Manual and on the internet, but did not find anything of help.
I don't know what to do from this point on. 
Please help me by giving me step by step instructions as to how I can start incrementals from the Merged File.


  • Well let's say you have full backup and other ninety incremental backups, so go on to merge images and choose the last incremental.
    Soon after merge for a new full backup and follow up on new incremental backups.  A good idea is to delete the old task so as not to be confused with the new task created.

  • See how easy it is! Note that in my example I'm trying to show you how to back up a backup that's on the network. Over the network the backupper doesn't work.
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