aomei backupper not enough space for temporary files

I have tried Backing up the HDD twice, both time it comes out very slow; my research shows this is often a misaligned partition so I downloaded your Partition assistant pro, but it scans declares the disc optimally aligned and exits.

I thought I might try a sector by Sector Clone, hoping the result would be faster. but I consistently get a not enough space for Temporary files error even though there is some 230G of unused space on the source drive and the Target Drive has been newly formatted back to its original state.

Honestly this is getting ridiculous. I have spent $100 so far on your software professional versions of both and I cant get it to perform its most basic functions successfully.


  • Having Failed to clone the Disc, I tried Cloning the Partitions Sector by Sector and found the First two partitions had been cloned, but the Windows Partition (C on the Source) was still throwing Errors. At worst there should be 1.24 Gigs Available that would represent the last partition.

  • Can you try backup and restore to see the result?
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    Resolved? :  re Admin I may have to if this does not work. I have created a 20G partition sliced off C. that seems to have given the Target Drive enough room to work. I'll merge back later and let you know how it worked soon as I have a chance to test the Sector by Sector Clone.
  • I should be able to test the new clone Wed Night. Question though. the Partition is 930G. but its going to take in excess of 12Hours to write to the new HDD. Does that seem slow to you?
  • Did you test the read/write speed of your HDD before?
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    The Sector by Sector Clone Failed, would not even load windows, I think Flyer might be right and there may be a Structural problem messing up the clones; going to have to try to Back Up and Restore. But at this point its been a few weeks since the first Glitch that made me think I need to prep a Clone without a 2nd Incident. So I'm hoping at this point just to get through the first of the year on the current original Drive. As I do have Recovery Media now and have off loaded virtually all but a few screen saves to a 4T Remote Drive.

    The new HDD was pretty sad on its read right test, about 1/3 to 1/2 the speed of the C Drive, in the PC; but Honestly not sure if thats the New Disk being truly that slow; or if that is more reflective of the link over USB to the Caddy, but its certainly not what one would hope for and Im sure it slowed the cloning process considerably.

    Thanks for your time and Advise to this point Ad. and Happy Xmas. Will let you know how this plays out. BB.

  • Actually its very likely the New Drive, As an After thought I tested my Seagate 4T DRive which comes off the same USB mini hub, and the New Drive is pretty Sluglike by comparison. I'm wondering if my best course now might be to create a 1T partition on the Seagate Drive and copy a Back up to that Drive for now for possible recovery later. Seems I probably going to need to order a 2nd 1T replacement Drive at least for testing purposes. Thanks again for your Time and Help BB.
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