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Backup Successful but it was not

Hi there,

I run backups for a small company for about 20 users. They have a vast amount of files which need to be backup up on their central file server. Problem is the file names\folders have more than 260 characters. I have asked numerous times for them to change them and they have done so, but sometimes a new files get added that are over 260 Char. 

Yes, I know it that you will tell me the problem will be solved by changing the character length BUT AOMEI logs say that it was successful without letting me know about the skipped files? Maybe put in the logs\email notification that it was "Successful but with warnings".

A few days ago they needed a folder restored but all files in the folder was not backup up. All the backup logs said successful!!!!

This is a huge problem. I am just wondering what other stuff is been skipped due to other reasons? They are now asking me to get another backup program to do backups. But I really love AOMEI software.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make changes for next update     


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