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Rights and options for Windows scheduler tasks.

Like others users, scheduled tasks didn't executed after migrating from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2. It should not be a serious difficulty with import/export but as I work from a simple user account, even if I launch AOMEI Backupper Pro after a temporary local admin login, scheduled tasks are created with the current working account. So I had to set again all the AOMEI tasks from the computer manager console (very time consuming).

I suggest the adding of an option for setting the account from which the backup tasks will be executed in the scheduled tasks's settings (or from the "local system" account, to avoid the password recording). I also propose the execution of  scheduled tasks without any opening session as a default behavior


  • piapp,

    Sorry for the late reply for the holiday! We have forwarded your advice to our development department; thank you for your suggestion!

  • My scheduled backup can not run for normal user.It require administrator previllages to run so it gets fail. how can i run for my normal user.

    Please help.

  • Pramod,

    Disk backups do require administrative rights in order to execute.  Once you've created a scheduled backup, launch the task scheduler in Windows.  Open the properties for the task and tell it to run as user, then select a user with administrative privileges.  If you need help with that, please let us know which version of Windows you're using, so we can direct you properly on the task scheduler.

  • The user isn't the problem with Aomei and windows task scheduler (if you're logged in as Admin it will set the task 'author' as admin, if logged in as a 'user' then it will be set as that user. Simply changing the user to admin or system is easy enough). The problem is that the task is written as an XP, 2003 task and NOT as a Win 7 task. Hence none of the necessary advanced options are available for that task in windows task scheduler.

    Aomie needs to write the task as a windows 7 task. Otherwise it won't start if the machine is in 'sleep/hibernate' nor will it run the task unless the machine is on before the start date. These are serious limitations to 'set and forget' backups.

    Equally, fields in Backupper for 'task before and task afterwards' would allow for various activities to take place AFTER the backup has run.

    Backupper NEEDS these two functions............

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