Bluescreen ammntdrv.sys / On Different Systems AOMEI 4.6.0

Page Fault in nonpaged Area while i Mount and Explore an AOMEI Image and start to copy something from the Backup HDD to Drive C, there is a Bluescreen after a While, i dont know Why. Its Newest Hardware Supermicro Motherboard, Xeon CPU , AOMEI 4.6.0 . Windows 2016 Standard, even on an older System in Windows Server 2008 R2 there is a Blackscreen if i Copy from a Mounted Image something. How Shall i Restore some Data if i Cant use it.


  • Please try to Restore the backup image to see if it works.
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    Same Bluescreen even on Windows 10.0.17134.441 (newest of 1803) with Different Backups / Gigabyte Motherboards Z370,  / Different Directory Copy Restores...

    Fehlerbucket AV_INVALID_ammntdrv!unknown_function, Typ 0
    Ereignisname: BlueScreen
    Antwort: Nicht verfügbar
    CAB-Datei-ID: 231ef435-7057-4b9b-8257-5dccfe676a1f

    P1: 50
    P2: ffff978cae9b8000
    P3: 2
    P4: fffff80e9ed877d0
    P5: 0
    P6: 10_0_17134
    P7: 0_0
    P8: 256_1

    EDIT: it Seems to happen at a larger amount of files in a Dir with Subdirs, in example 500.000 Files in 1200 Subdirectorys
  • Thank you for the information.
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