3TB internal HD invalid dynamic disk external usb

I have a drive that has a corrupt video driver. I need to do a chkdsk scan but win 10 won't go into safe mode.. i cannot use any usb tool to boot.. when i take the drive out and your it externally usb it come u pop invalid dynamic disk i cannot activate. How can i activate and save fix drive.. it passes all diagnostic test..


  • AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager says it's an invalid dynamic disk?
  • edited November 2018
    No I have not tried the software yet.. In windows its shows invalid and cannot activate also tried easeUS partition magic trial and cannot activate.. the disk isn't damage but my during a RDP session my harddrive boot was corrupted.. will your software work? lookings to activate and run a chkdsk repair.. my OS is windows 10 ultimate...

    Also using diskpart to put back online will I lose date?
  • I'm afraid our program is unable to help you on this issue.
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