File Sync - subsequent syncs are re-syncing some files that have not changed.

Downloaded free version to perform a File Sync backup of my music files (*.FLAC and album art *.JPG files) in an artist by album name directory structure source tree.  Roughly 7000 files.  Backing up to a network attached USB drive connected to my router.
The initial full backup was performed with no errors.   I ripped two new music CD's to FLAC into my source directory.  I then performed my saved File Sync operation expecting only the new files to be copied over to the destination.  Instead, after going thru the source tree scan, the File Sync operation determined over a thousand files needed to be re-synced and started doing that.  It was re-syncing files with no changes.


1. File Sync just uses date/time checking,  correct ?  (i.e sync just the added or modified files since last sync).  Example of modified file in my case would be changing a MP3 tag in a FLAC file which updates the file changed date.

2. Does it look at sub-folder dates as well ?  Won't make sense as destination folder dates are always different.

What is going on ?   File Sync is not determining correctly which files have been modified since last sync operation.  I want to use this tool to update my music backup location every time I rip new music to my source tree.  Using latest version 4.5.6.



  • About the second sync, I think it's just scanning the files in source directory, instead of transferring files?
  • Admin,
    As I stated in my problem description, of course my subsequent File Sync requests scan the complete source directory determining what (if anything) has changed.   I'm saying after that source directory scan step ends, it starts syncing files to the destination directory that haven't changed.  

    In my scenario, it should just sync the new files I added in the source directory -> destination directory.

    The problem is, in addition to that, it re-syncs about a 1000 files that have not changed. (i.e. file modification date/time has not changed)

    Please re-read my problem description carefully and provide some feedback and how File Sync is supposed to work. It uses "file date/time has changed" checking correct ? (as the method to determine whether a file needs to be re-copied to the destination)

    It's pretty basic.  File Sync is not working for me.  
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    Nevermind investigating.  I found and switched over to FreeFileSync for Windows.  This program does the type of file sync I am looking for to backup my music FLAC collection.  
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