Bootable Media- wrong language/keyboard layout

If I create a booable media (USB stick) and start then the PC with this stick I have the language english, not german. The user inteface in english is not my problem, but the US keyboard. It's very difficult use the US layout for input my special passwords with special character like $\} etc.. And I need it for NAS access ...
Any idea how I can change to the german keyboard layout?
... sorry for my bad english :-)


  • Well, the booable media doesn't support german layout at present.
  • Too bad. Maybe a useful supplement?
    Thanks for help.
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    You can try to enter special characters by pressing ALT+XXX where XXX is the three digit ASCII code. Use the numeric keypad.  $=036    \=092     }=125.   
    So $ is ALT+036 or ALT+36
  • Hi JohnnyboyGo,

    just  three days ago i bought 4 licenses of Backupper professional.
    i'm new on this forum and i have the same problem booting from media.

    I think you made a joke.
    Use the numeric keypad is not the solution.
    Its a disaster!!
    Think about typing of non trivial passwords.
    Notice that some password input dialogs take ONLY one keyboard hit
    because of reading keystrokes are on basic system IOs.

    The bootable media has to have the possibillity of choosing keyboard layout.


  • btw...
    AOMEI PE Builder 2.0
    has the same problem

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