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What is 'best practice' following a system image restore. Begin a new backup sequence or carry on ?

Are there any issues with the following scenario...

A system image backup that also contains several differential or incremental files have been made. An image restore is then performed to any of the backups in that sequence. 

Are there any issues in simply adding to the existing sequence of images (differential or incremental) following a successful restore, or should a new sequence be started?

I'm surprised to find that if I do add to the sequence, that all seems normal with regard to the next incremental or differential images file size. Years ago (not with AOMEI) doing this would have seen the next backup in the existing sequence be almost as large as a new full backup. That doesn't seem to happen with AOMEI, implying that the restored image occupies the exact same sectors on the disc as the original. (The disk is an SSD although I'm not sure that would make any difference)

Any thoughts. Is it still bad practice to continue the sequence once a restore has been made ?     


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