Question about system image restore

My SSD just went kaput,  It is still under warranty from Dell and they put in a new SSD but had to reinstall Win 10,  I have a recent system image made with Aomei.   If I do a restore  will it overwrite  the new installation of Win 10 put on by Dell?  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks


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    It should overwrite but to be sure to get the best results, if you can, boot into diskpart and clean the drive first. I've done it both ways in test restores to a spare SSD and both have worked with no problems with the final restore. You can always restore without cleaning and if there's a problem do it again after cleaning. Good luck and let us know what happens. I am assuming you do want to overwrite the disk???
  • Thanks for your quick reply Flyer.  Don`t really know how to boot into diskpart but if if regular restore doesn`t work I`ll try it,  Any other   pointers will be appreciated.  I have some skills but not  enough.  Scares me death to think I might lose my photos and  all the other stuff.  Again, thanks a lot.
  • If you have any problems, I or someone here can explain the diskpart operation. It is not complicated and if you made an Aomei bootable media disk, which I'm assuming you did or you wouldn't be able to perform a restore to your C drive, that function is available on that disk. If your Aomei backup image is valid, it should be able to be restored. Just to get you started, you need to use the bootable media (disk or usb) to boot into Aomei in a windows pre environment (WinPE) and need to have the disk where the image is stored and the C drive SSD you want it installed to connected. From there it's just a matter of following the prompts from Aomei for a restore. It may seem daunting, but taking some valium before starting would help (that's an attempt at humor!!). 
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    If you only need the photos and documents, not programs, you can also restore only those photos and documents and leave the rest intact. This is done through Explore image, Run the  Q-dir.exe explorer as administrator (download it) and search the wanted documents/photos and copy them. This way you can make an extra copy of these on another PC without harming that PC.
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