How to Transfer OS from SSD M.2 to another with only one SSD in the system?


I only have space for one SSD M.2 on my MB and want to upgrade from 250GB to 500GB. I tried already with System Backup and Disc Clone via an external USB HDD and then Restore.
Both don’t work I get an Windows error saying “inaccessible boot device”.
Can somebody guide me step by step?
I am using the Backupper Standard Version or does this only work with Pro?


  • Did you swap the drives after clone?
  • Yes, again only one of them is connected at the same time, I only have an external HDD for the Backup
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    If you try to install Win10 from scratch using installation DVD/USB is the ssd500 then seen? Can you install Windows 10? If that works then try to restore again. Maybe you need to Clean the ssd with Diskpart.exe before the restore.
  • AOMEI has a bug (which they don't seem interested in fixing) which, on Disk Restore, assigns the 'C' drive letter to the normally unlettered small 'System' drive from which WIN10 initially boots. The main WIN 10 drive is assigned 'D'. I've found it necessary, after a Restore, to use either Partition Assistant on the AOMEI boot disk or USB, or Diskpart, to remove the 'C' letter from the System drive and then assign 'C' to the main WIN10 drive. Only this enables the restored disk to boot successfully.
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