Error 6 - Converting mbr to gpt

I have ssd with windows 7 on it. Ive tried wiping the drive with every way possible. I keep getting error that its locked. I tried aomei and I get error 6. What do I need to do so I can wipe this drive, convert to gpt, and install windows 10? I tried installing wondows 10 on gpt but it gives me error during installation and cant continue. 


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    If your SSD is connected through USB goto CMD.exe in the running OS and start Diskpart.exe
    Or if SSD is internally, boot from bootable media and go to DOS-prompt. Start Diskpart.exe
    When booted from Win10 Installation DVD/USB you can enter Shift+F10 in a setup screen to enter DOS mode.

    In Diskpart enter these commands:

    List disk
    select disk #   (# being the disk number of the ssd in list disk)
    convert gpt  (probably not necessary if you install Windows 10 on a UEFI machine, because the setup program will format the cleaned drive correctly to GPT)

    You cannot use GPT disk to boot on a BIOS machine. So if the machine ran Windows 7 before it is probably a BIOS machine.

  • Virtual disk service error: the specified disk is not convertible. 
    Disk is 120gb ssd. 
  • Is the error I get after running convert gpt
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    Did you clean the SSD ?
    Then don't "convert GPT" but goto Windows Disk Management. Windows should ask if you want the disk to be MBR or GPT initialized.
  • Tried that. Says cleaned successfully but windows still thinks mbr. Created usb with win installation as mbr. Booted in cmd and says cannot convert as disk is cd/dvd. 
    When i try to install windows it says required files corrupt. I know there not as I have been successful with different system. 
  • Please try to convert in Partition Assistant WinPE.
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