Backupper and partition names not correct

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I tried backupper standard on Sept 23, 2018.

First I made a whole drive backup, okay.

Next I tested restoring a larger partition to a smaller, okay

I was done testing and used my diskpart script to make the partitions ready.

Same diskpart script works with several other backup programs.

Then I restored the full backup one partition at a time.

First trouble, windows 10 did not boot, so I used the command line to correct boot record. - okay

That made it boot, but a major problem, the drive names was messed up, examples:

HP(C)  was  H(C)

REVOVERY  was just  R

SYSTEM was just SS

HP_TOOLS  was  weird characters, not even letters

So yes I was able to backup and restore, but what the yeck, when it messed up drive names.

Of at least 5 other image programs I tested, only one other did not boot, paragon.  But none of the others messed up drive  (partition) names like that.

I cannot imagine how this could happen, the no boot and the renaming of the partitions like that.


  • Please don't restore one partition at a time, try to restore the entire disk.
  • But if a new smaller disk, 3 partitions are the same size, only the Windows partition needs to be smaller.

    I was testing restoring to smaller disk.  It worked, but I had to repair boot record and the partitions had wrong names. 

    It would be nice to pick all partitions at one time, and the program auto handles operating system partition.  It is always the only partition that can change in size.  For example, the recovery partition never has to grow or shrink.  Neither does the system partition.Thanks.

    I once had the same problem with paragon, not wrong names, but having to repair boor record.

    Macrium has a drag a partition from restore source over to where it goes.  So if you prepped the disk with diskpart first, which I do, then source and destination is seen side by side.  Then when you get to the smaller (operating system ) partition (if now smaller), you drag larger source over smaller partition and as long as there is room for the (data) to fit, it works.

    In Aomei, you can only deal with one partition at a time.  Fine if same disk to just restore whole disk, but not fine if a new disk that's smaller.  I do not like modifying the partition sizes except operating system.

    Changing all partition sizes is mainly for people who do not understand how to properly backup and restore.
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