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Incomplete metadata for file & folder backup

AOMEI Backupper seems like a nice program, but it doesn't appear to save/restore all file and folder metadata.  After performing a file & folder backup and restoring the data, I noticed the following issues:

1. File and folder timestamps (date modified, created, etc.) are set to the current time rather than the timestamps of the original files/folders

2. For at least an incremental backup, changes to some file metadata (read-only attribute, hidden attribute, etc.) are not saved/restored if the file's content was not changed since the last backup

3. NTFS Alternate Data Streams are not saved/restored (for example, executable files downloaded from the Internet no longer show a warning in Windows File Explorer)

System details:  AOMEI Backupper Standard 2.0.2, NTFS partition, Windows XP SP3


  • Sorry to reply so late! We have forwarded your suggestions to related staff. Thank you for your precious advice; we appreciate it very much!

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