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Despite a scheme with 7 diffs followed by full the program tries a full after 2 diffs

On 19.08.18 I sent to the support following Error-Message:
Bericht von Backup/Sync ist wie folgt:
                               Computer Name:DESKJS4
                               Plan Name:DESKJS4_SSD_D_ab0517_woech
                               Aufgaben Type:Voll-Backup
                               Fehlercode:4138(Es steht nicht genügend freier Speicherplatz zur Verfügung.)
                               Startenzeit:Sat Aug 18 21:34:51 2018
                               Finish Time:Sat Aug 18 21:36:40 2018
                               Beschreibung:Die Operation schlägt fehl.

But I don’t understand why the program tried a full backup, because I scheduled a scheme with full-backup followed by 7 diff backups and the log indicates

A full backup at 28.07.2018

A diff backup at 03.08.2018

A diff backup at 13.08.2018

 So I expect a diff backup now.

do you have any suggestions now, examined from the logs?


On 20.08.18 the support requested log files, which I sent immediately


On 23.08.18 I asked:do you have any suggestions now, examined from the logs?
But, unfortunately, I got no answer from the support!


So my Question is:
Maybe some users are able to give me hints how backups schemes must be set to work?!



  • With disk space management I also have a problem, but with incremental backups it never gave me a problem.
    I have a row of 9 incrementals and my disk management scheme solution is also with the support team.
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