Scheduled Task not running

I setup a scheduled task to run the incremental backup job each week day for a job.  It ran for 2 days, but then it stopped.  I can run the backup job manually without problems.  The other strange thing is although I have the job set to send email notification I get nothing.  In the notification configuration setting enabled to send on success & failures.  The Event longs do not show any entries for the days the job does not run.

BTW the task is set to use the AOMEI service not Windows scheduler.

Am I missing something?



  • Did you backup to NAS?
  • Yes it is using the NAS as the target.
  • Please check if there will be a pop-up window requiring password at the scheduled time.
  • No pop-up occurred. As well I can run the task manually and it completes with no errors or interaction required.  There are no log entries good or bad since the last manual task I ran.  I've attached an export of the configuration if that may help you.
  • Please create a new task to see if it works.
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    please delete this post, thx
  • I recreated the backup job and schedule which has been working for 1 week. Nothing I could do to the first job or schedule would resolve the problem. My concern is not getting any notification of a failure. This job has many different folders and file definitions which is not fun to recreate if it fails again. I'm puzzled why this thread should be deleted as it may help someone who will see a similar problem.
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