Not enough room for bu????


I have scheduled a bu on saturday. After some time I got an error something like 'not enough room for bu'. The bu disk (the one I want to bu to) is 500 GB of which appears 305 is 'used' and 160 GB is free. The bu takes 146 GB. I see an information code 4138 but don't see it in the list of error codes.

Any suggestions??

KR, Leo


  • You mean the size of backup file is 146GB?
  • Thanks for your help. Yes it is.
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    How do you know it takes 146 GB? That number could be correct but you know it only after the backup has completed.
    I think Aomei has to make a guess upfront because the actual amount is only known after the backup and after the compression (depends on many things) and decided that 160 GB is not enough.
  • 1. I checked the properties of the bu on my hard disk and that is 146 GB.
    2. I checked the folders (3) I wanted to bu and together they are 206,7 GB.

    By the way , I tried to clone my computer onto a harddisk (1 TB) and it was stopped because there was not enough space fot the bu which is, according to AOMEI 432.. GB.

    Very confusing.

    Maybe I should format the hd's and start all over again.

    KR, Leo
  • 1. I checked the properties of the bu on my hard disk and that is 146 GB.
    I think it means the backup was successfully done, then how did you encounter the 4138 error?
  • It was in the error dialogue box.... I think.
  • I googled for the meaning of the error but couldn't find it in the list of errors.
  • Not sure why but maybe you could try a larger disk.
  • Okay as long as it works a wild guess is as good as any guess, but.....

    First I am going to try the following: disconnect the hard drives, format them, reconnect them to the laptop and set up the backup again.

    By the way why should 146 GB indicate that the backup was completed?

    KR, Leo
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