Backupper 4.1 - how to clone OS drive in DOS?

Hi all, first post for me, and I'm new to Backupper.

I've just used Backupper to clone my W7 system HDD to an empty, formatted HDD in a USB3 dock.

The process took place entirely within Windows - i.e., the program didn't call for a reboot into DOS.

The process appeared to work but the clone wasn't identical to the source drive.

Which seems to indicate that the cloning should be done in DOS to be completely accurate.

At least, that's how I've always done it with other softwares over the years.

So, how to do this in DOS?

Thanks for reading.


  • No need for Dos. Clone should work. Yes, there are some files that are not cloned.
    These are excluded in the registry Filesnottosnapshot.

    You can also clone from Aomei on bootable CD/DVD or USB, make a WInPE disk in the Utilities menu.
  • JohnnyboyGo, thanks.
    I'd like the clone to be an identical, byte-for-byte copy, so I'll try the bootable disk method.
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